Tja! Här är en enligt mig väldigt lång lista på smileys betydelser.

Smile II
:) Classical smiley
:* Kiss
^* Controlled kiss
'-) Wink
Wink II
:-X My lips are sealed
:-P Tongue-in-cheek
:-y Tongue wagging
() A Hug
<> Kiddy Hug
{} Romantic Hug
[] Grandmother Hug
:'( Crying
O:) Angel
}:> Devil
Masks Theatrical Comments
:<) For those w/ hairy lips
:<)= For those w/ beards too
:/) Not funny
P-) Pirate
(@@) You're Kidding!
:-" Pursing lips
:-v Speaking face (side profile)
:-V Shouting
:-w Speak w/ forked tongue
:-W Shout w/ forked tongue
:-r Bleahhh
:-f Bleahhh
:-1 Smirk
:-, Smirk II
<:-O Eeek!
:-* Oops! (covering mouth c hand)
:-T Keeping a straight face
More shouting
:-O Still more shouting
:-{ Count Dracula
=| = Uncle Sam
7:) Reagan
:-# Censored
:-x Kiss, kiss
:-> Another Happy Face
:-C Really Unhappy
:-< Forlorn
:-B Drooling
:-| Disgusted
Licking your lips
<:>== A Turkey
Loud Guffaw
:-J Tongue-in-cheek
:*) Clowning Around
:-8 Talking out of both sides of your mouth
@= Mushroom cloud
< For dumb questions
O= A burning candle
-= A doused candle
OO Highlights on a message
:_) Nose out-of-joint
B-) Batman
B-| Michael Keaton Batman
# Matted hair
:-O Oh, nooo! (A la Mr Bill)
|-( Late night messages
:^) Messages about noses
:-{#} Someone in braces
(:-$ Ill
(:-& Angry
( Very Sad
(:^( Broken nose
(:<) Blabbermouth
=) Big teeth
& Curly Hair
@ Wavy Hair
?-( Black Eye
%-) Broken glasses
+<:-| Monk/Nun
{o-) Cyclops
(:-|K- Formal message
@%&$%& You know what this means
||*( Handshake offered
||-) Handshake accepted
<&&> Rubber chickens
><>< Argyle socks
2B|^2B Message about Shakespeare
(-_-) Secret smile
<{ } Message in a bottle
< <<| Message from a rocket
(:-... Heart Breaking Message
<<<<( Message from a hat salesman
(O-< A fishy message
(:->-< Message from a thief
(I==I) A message on four wheels
:^{ Another mustache
{' Alfred Hitchcock
( With yarmulke
With glasses
:-E Vampire
:^)= Vampire with a charming nose (e.g. Egyptian Vampiress)
:-ö Have a normal day
:- Male
>- Female
ö-0 Birth
8-# Death
(:ö Egghead
=``( Crying smiley
*<({:-{)}> Santa
%-( I've been looking at this screen for 5 hours straight
:-$ Banker
$-) Lawyer or agent
:o) Another happy face
->o Santa 2
<:o) Clown
:-----------} Pinnochio smiley
~ Drooling
{8-> Beatnik
[:-|] You're kidding!
Hihi, nu vet ni lite fler smileys och deras betydelser! ;) Puss puss!


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